Summer Season on the Seafront – Review


Title: Summer Season on the Seafront

Author: Katie Ginger

Genre: Romance, fiction & literature

Page Count: 334

Format: eBook

Speed: Steady

My Thoughts: First off, the cover is so bright and lovely! It definitely drew me into checking out what this book was about, and boy what I glad. this book is such a cute book, from disastrous dates to getting locked out of the house.

Sarah is playing in the production The Tempest, along side her best friend Lottie. She is really hoping to start fresh and possibly find love, after many bad first dates and heartbreak, is Nate the guy for her? or is Finn her boss she’s been secretly crushing for the last year the one?

Nate is a famous actor and after a one night stand comes back to ruin his career, he is forced to hide away in Greenley until it blows over. Once the group of Greenley production group gets a wind he is here, they ask for his help with their production. He’s supposed to be laying low and not get spotted, what he wasn’t planning was to feel such an instant spark with the lead role Sarah.

I really enjoyed reading this book, so many times I caught myself laughing. There is also more depth to this book, dealing with a return of a parent who is not as welcomed as they thought. I really enjoyed seeing the two’s relationship grow, dealing with their own troubles but yet finding there way to each other.

This was my first book with a large amount of British slang, which I quite enjoyed seeing different ways things are said vs how we say them here in Canada. It also definitely made me enjoy a cup or two of tea.

Would I recommend this book? Yes

Would I buy this book for a friend? Yes

*** Thank you Netgalley and the Publisher for this free copy in exchange for my honest review.

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