Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell REVIEW


Title: Then She Was Gone

Author: Lisa Jewell
Genre: Mystery, Fiction
Published: April 17, 2018
Page Count: 359
Format: Paperback
Speed: Quick

Thoughts: Then: Ellie was fifteen, her mother’s golden daughter when in the blink of an eye, she was gone forever. Now: its been 10 years since Ellie disappeared when Laurel decides it finally time to let go and move on with life. Ellie isn’t coming back and she might never know what happened. She meets Floyd the handsome man from the coffee shop, soon there relationship blossoms and she meets his daughter Poppy. Laurel can’t shake the resemblance between Poppy and her own daughter Ellie. Will she find out what happened to Ellie? or what Floyd really wants from her?

I really enjoyed this book, I was able to finish it in one afternoon as I immediately needed to know what really happened to Ellie. I found this was a face paced book, creepy ( in a good way) mystery. Not only was I totally invested what happened to Ellie, I loved seeing how Laurel and her family changed throughout the entire book. What was once broken seem to find peace and mend together. I do admit one point of the book still gives me the chills, I just can’t digest it.. and slightly bothers me. The reason I’m not giving this a 5 star is because this is told in different POV, but there is no real indication who is the one behind the chapter and multiple times I was guessing who was the main character. Overall I would recommend this book I very much enjoyed it as I simply couldn’t put it down!

3 thoughts on “Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell REVIEW

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  1. Ohhh i dont like it when they keep changing the POV and don’t acknowledge or let you know who it is. Don’t like the confusion. But it sounds a great read otherwise!


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