Down Too Deep by J Daniels – Review


Title: Down Too Deep
Author: J. Daniels
Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
Publication Date: Oct, 8th 2019
Format: Paperback
Speed: Quick

My Thoughts

When Nate’s wife suddenly passed away 2 years ago, he has spent most of those devoted to his work neglecting his daughter Marley. When quilt consumes him he knows he needs to connect with his daughter, but he has no idea how. Jenna is a single mother of twins, who has offered to help Nate get on his feet of parenthood. Will this be a summer they never forget or will hearts break before its over.

I absolutely adored this book, I’m such a sucker for them I read this one fairly quickly. This was a beautiful summer romance about two people who decide to give romance a chance after years of single hood. They learn about themselves, they learn about their family. I love that it includes children in this, that is such an important part for me. I loved seeing how they navigated through all the emotions it takes to be in a relationship as well as being a parent figure for each others children. This book had it all, funny, angry, sad, and happy. I definitely recommend you check this one out!

Thank you so much to HBG Canada and Grand Central Pub for gifting me my advance copy!

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